Far From Earth. Far from Home. Far from Safe.


Offworld is an ambitious, independent British film produced in Wales, which all began from a single photo of a cement works seen by writer Terry Cooper. With a selection of Welsh locations and a group of like minded actors the wheels were set in motion by Terry.

“I just needed to write a sci-fi movie”

Along with co-writer Chris Lynch, once the writing started it never stopped, and the idea evolved into a feature film. The cast was assigned and crew started to drift in from all avenues. It’s at this point budgeting and planning came into play.


With no options for grants or loans, the project team turned to crowdfunding, and on September 1st 2016 launched it’s campaign on Kickstarter. The target was set at a very conservative £2,000, but was a huge success on the platform thanks to the promotion work put in by all those involved. 

The Kickstarter hit just over £10,000!

As progress was made on the project, it was quickly realised that even this was a tiny budget to make a feature length film. The cast, production team and runners all worked for free to ensure the budget went to the needed areas of the film.


The project is still ongoing but nearing completion, but as costs mount, the team is still looking for additional funds to help finish those final scenes. If you’re interested in donating to the film just click below:


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